Nevada Gambling Laws

Nevada Gambling

This US country is not only the home to the gambling capital, Las Vegas, but also the first country to ever legalize gambling, way back in 1931. Not only that, but the state of Nevada had many firsts when it comes to gambling — it was the first country to begin with regulations of the online casino games in the entire gambling industry. With the addition of Delaware and New Jersey who are still in the process of acquiring the same honor, the Nevada Gaming Commission is a veteran when it comes to casino regulations.

2013 was the year when the expectations of Nevadans grew that much bigger after the introduction to online gambling. They were eager to indulge in new gaming libraries on promising websites, but things didn’t go as fast as they would like. Though the WSOP website is up and running, there are still many legal issues to be dealt with in the following months, before the online gambling really takes a high.

Further down the line of history, after 1931, the key year was 1949 when bets on sporting events were legalized too. Nevada is actually the only country that allows straight sports betting. The same year, horse racing was also given a green light, while Bingo was finally allowed in 1993. Still, it is exclusively for charity, and the state of Nevada actually fought long and hard to ban lottery as the only form of gambling. It eventually worked, and Nevadans have to drive to the nearest neighboring states of California or Oregon to buy their tickets.

In 1974, many positive steps were made in order to introduce gambling as an exciting activity for all. First, the tax for sports betting was reduced to 2%, which made quite an impact on the entire tax revenue. Today, however, this tax is even lower, at 0.25%. Also, more and more sport betting rooms were included in casinos around the country, and with quite an effort too. They now come with new decorations and comfortable furniture, making each player feel like at home.

Las Vegas Close and Beautiful

Otherwise, Nevada is not picky when it comes to the games they offer. Everything from table games to your favorite slot machine is fully allowed — that also includes many cards games, as well as the classics (Craps, Roulette, etc). And if you like to play poker live, you will find more than 50 well-equipped rooms for that!

Types of Gambling

When it comes to games you are allowed to play in Nevada casinos, the first thing you need to know is that the Nevada Gaming Control Board gives no exceptions when it comes to acquiring a gaming license. Everything needs to be in order and in accordance with the state laws. Something you would expect from such a respectable country with casinos others can only dream of having.

Nevada is well-known for the wide sportsbook it allows to bet on, while the off-track betting option is available in the mobile casinos. Speaking of your online gambling adventures, you can enjoy your favorite online poker games too. Actually, slots and poker are not only permitted in casinos, but also in bars and gas stations. As you would imagine, Nevada is a state of casino gaming in the truest form of that word, and you can play all your favorites practically wherever you are.

Table Games for Days

When it comes to all the beloved table and card games, Nevada sure has everyone beaten. In this state, you can play all the classics — from Blackjack and Roulette to poker, and of course, Baccarat and Craps.

There are many versions of poker which you can enjoy, such as the Three Card Poker, Texas Hold’Em, and Pai Gow. The live Keno lounges are an especially important and beloved tourist attraction as well.

Nevada still stands firm against any form of lottery, as we’ve mentioned before. Bingo and raffles are only allowed as a state charity, while all other forms are banned without a question. On the other hand, Nevadans also do not have demands for this type of gambling to be expanded, so we shouldn’t expect this branch of the industry to develop further.

Rocky Beginnings

Mind you; when it comes to gambling, things weren’t always as shiny and bright as they are today in Nevada. Namely, back in 1955, the Gaming Control Board was forced to introduce much stricter measures for all casinos. This was mainly because of the troubles the mobs caused to the business, making it impossible for casinos to function properly.

That’s why a separate board was created in order to deal with legal issues and investigations. This board that consisted of 5 individuals definitely made a lot of positive impact on the gambling community in Nevada. It improved the conditions of safe and responsible gaming. Today, a special committee for overseeing their progress is also functioning, with 11 members in total. They work harder than ever to ensure your gambling needs are fulfilled without a hitch.

Strict Laws

When you think about how Nevadans enjoy gambling, you can only imagine how strict they are when protecting the fan favorite activity. Actually, Nevada makes no exceptions when it comes to breaking any law in this area. Every crime involving gambling is considered a serious felony and treated accordingly.

Not only that, but each law and policy regarding gambling is protected in a way that they could be changed only through 2 separate state referendums. This is the main reason why the lottery is still not allowed here, and probably won’t be anytime in the nearest future.

Casino Resorts

These establishments are an essential part of gambling experience, especially for the players traveling halfway across the world to enjoy their favorite games. The law is quite clear if you want to open or own a casino resort here. First, you must have an unrestricted gaming license, approved by all the biggest state’s regulatory bodies. This is non-negotiable. Also, you will need to provide a 60-day trial period if you want approval for a new game in your casino gaming library.

Also, in order to have a casino resort, the establishment is required to have at least 200 rooms to accommodate their guests, as well as a restaurant. They both need to be opened 24/7, and own a bar with a minimum of 30 seats.

What’s Next?

Though Nevada is a leading state on the market when it comes to gambling regulations, there is always room for improvement. Additionally, the new bill was recently passed. It allows other states to cooperate with Nevada in order to get their own licensing in order, especially with online poker. Delaware is actually not so far behind in this area, and is expected to get this branch better regulated in no time.

More importantly, the state of Nevada has already paved its way as a respectable country that takes the gambling industry seriously, which is a huge plus for them.