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Lawsumo is a platform dedicated to informing people on gambling legislation in the US states. Read our content and learn all you need to know for safe and carefree land-based casino gambling.

Gambling Laws by State

Gambling was prohibited for too long in the United States, as it was thought to be immoral and destructive. In previous years, however, things have changed. More and more people understand that gambling is only a form of entertainment and doesn’t necessarily implies addiction. Places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas have become the world’s top gambling destinations. Still, the legal situation regarding gambling is rather complicated in the US, and that’s why we decided to create

Namely, there’s no federal law to regulate gambling in the entire country, so every state has a specific set of gambling laws of its own. Therefore, each player has to know the legal situation in their respective state. We understand that it could be troublesome for common players to find their way around the states’ legislation and rules, so we decided to help.

Our Mission

Our idea is to gather all the important legal information on gambling in one place, for all states. We hoped this would make it easier for any gambler to find and learn what they need. This idea resulted in us launching

Our articles will explore gambling laws by state in great detail, and we will provide you with all the data you need to enjoy gambling without any worries of breaking the law. When you browse our content, you will be able to find out all about land-based gambling laws in the US, as well as laws related to tribal/native American casinos, riverboat casinos, state lotteries, bingo games, horse racing, and many other gambling establishments in the US.

Who Are We?

Our team is made up of experienced legal scholars and business people, aiming to prevent any gambling law infringements by informing players about the legal regulations in their respective states. We are dedicated to maintaining legal awareness when it comes to gambling. We are